Down Beat Jigs


Down Beat Jigs are different. The ‘wings’ cause them to drop differently than other jigging lures. The tail-flitter blades add flash. Plus, they rattle!

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Down Beat Jigs incorporate the time-tested design of traditional jigging lures but add some special feature others lack. Rather than being a shaped chunk of lead with a hook, Down Beats have a flared portion (wings) that causes them to sort of a ‘dance’ when free-dropped. When they change direction a brass rattle emits a clicking that fish can detect. Add to all of that colors that ‘pop’ and a tail-flitter spinner blade and you wind up with something really special, something most of the fish haven’t seen before.

Overall Length:                      2 3/8″
Body Length:                          1 1/2″
Body Width:                           11/16″
Approximate Weight:          1/2 Oz
Hook:                                      8 VMC


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