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  • Our faceted beads reflect light from a multitude of angles because they have a multitude of shiny flat spots on them called, of all things, facets. If you want a little extra dazzle in your fishing gear then these are the beads for you.

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    Swarovski Crystal Beads sparkle and pop like no other bead can. They scatter light with a dazzling brilliance no ordinary glass bead can match.

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    Our round Premium Beads are machined, not molded. There are no bubbles or flashing ever with these quality fishing components. What’s more, they are acrylic, not styrene plastic that can melt when reacting to soft-baits like plastic worms.

  • Standard Round Beads are molded, rather than machined. While they are quality beads, they will have a detectable mold edge around the circumference. There will also frequently be a little bubble in the body of the bead. Most are made with crystal styrene and may react to plastic worms and similar soft baits.

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    T-Beads are shaped like the top part of a golf tee, but with facets. They can be stacked to make a great spinner body, used to help shed weeds, or combined with a ball bead to make a scent chamber.


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