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    Traditional construction with 2 swivels, 2 split rings, a blade, and a hook. Colorado Spinners are a solid value at an economical price.
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    “Special Prices on Selected Items”

    Uniquely contoured blades spin in opposite directions, virtually eliminating line twists while creating an enticing counter-rotational flash. Great for trout or Kokanee at any depth. The most popular Half-Fast Lake troll design ever!

  • Includes 1 Cousin Carl 2CM troll, 1 Arrow Flash Jr., 1 Arrow Flash std, and 2 Wild Weasel trolling spoons (color selections may vary from the image shown)

  • Kokanee Dodger Arrow Flash combines maximum flash, including UV, with a ‘wide wash’ action that not only draws fish into the strike zone, but also adds an enticing action to the bait or lures itself. Arrow Flash Dodgers work well even at the slowest trolling speeds or river currents.

  • We keep hearing that serious anglers of all sorts want larger Arrow Flash Dodgers. Some want it for Kokanee, some for Sockeye, and some for Salmon or Other Game Fish.

    If you are one of those Serious Anglers who want a Magnum Size Arrow Flash Dodger we have a special opportunity for you.

  • When you want a terrific leader-spinner that works great with either a dodger or flasher look no further. Kokanee Spinner Rig Arrow Spin BV Micro is the one for you. Expert design and first-rate Hand-Crafted quality make this one of the best.

  • Sale!

    “Special Prices on Selected Items”

    Limited Edition Lynx, heavy-bodied steel casting spoons. These are small but powerful and in limited supply. When these are gone they are gone unless we re-create the original dies.

  • Techni-Strand Kokanee Bumpers are a great way to optimize ‘top-line’ / ‘flat-line ‘ trolling for kokanee, trout, and landlocked salmon. Made of coated micro-fine stainless steel with Duo-Lock snaps and a mini Ball Chain swivel.

  • Wild Weasels

     The Wild Weasel has a very busy action that might best be described as “flips and flitters wildly”.  Its design is targeted to shad and kokanee but is effective also on trout. (Images show front and back views of a single spoon)


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