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  • “R”-Factor Spinners are made with genuine Lucky “R” blades. The unique cup and contour insures that they start crisp and never hesitate. The finishes, beads, and Hoochies are all premium grade making “R”-Factor a custom-quality lure.

  • Includes 2 each: Baby Back spinnes, Wise Guy spinners, BV Cub spinners, and Blade Drifter spinners (color selections may vary from the image shown)

  • When you want a terrific leader-spinner that works great with either a dodger or flasher look no further. Arrow Spin BV Micro is the one for you. Expert design and first rate Hand-Crafted quality makes this one of the best.

  • Baby Backs are a little spinner with a big punch. The compound lip cup of the blade combined with high-contrast colors and UV finishes make this a great choice for trolling alone or behind a 360° flasher.

  • The newest steelhead jig is actually a spinner! The Blade Drifter is a special adaptation of the old Colorado Spinner created to be drifted under a bobber like a jig.

  • The newest 3.5 spinner is actually a 1.0 ! The BV Cub uses a size 1 Bear Valley blade so that it works with less drag behind a 360º flasher and presents a different profile to fish that keep seeing the same ol’, same ol’.

  • Cascade Pro HC Spinners take the traditional version to a whole new level. They are UV finished front and back.

  • Traditional construction with 2 swivels, 2 split-rings, a blade and a hook. Colorado Spinners are a solid value at an economical price.
  • A Classic Spinner with deep roots in Klamath River Salmon fisheries. The CV is acclaimed by serious anglers from Northern California to Southern Oregon as a ‘Go-To spinner for salmon. With its Hammered Gold Plated back and Guide Inspired colors the CV King stands out in a crowd of ‘ordinary’ CV spinners.

  • Krazy Carl is a totally different approach to spinners. The blade incorporates a single curve rather than being cupped. It sports a nearly straight edge on one side and is contoured on the other. Krazy Carl will spin at ridiculously slow speeds.

  • Yes, It’s True, Finally! An All-in-One Shrimp Spinner for 360° Trolling! Reloadable Bait-Pin System. No more fumbling around to bait up with hook and leader rigs. Wire Construction with Solid Metal Clevis. No more losing your hottest blades due to plastic clevis failure. Spins Well Even When Baited. Exclusive Wise Guy blades deliver better spin performance when baited than any ‘round’ blade we tried.  360° Flashers Rotate as Designed. The slim profile of the Wise Guy Blade has less drag than others, allowing for better rotation. Be among the first to have Shrimp Guy 3.5 Class Bait Spinners in your arsenal. Here’s How it Works Choose your Shrimp Guys 

  • Originally designed for Sacramento River salmon, Tidewater Twin spinners use two different blades separated by beads to create a long profile reminiscent of live baitfish.

  • Water Witch sports a completely innovative lure design. The unusual blade holds closer to the main body than traditional shapes, giving it a minnow-like profile.  Water Witch is well suited for aggressive game fish species.

  • Wise Guys are different. And when they are made with Genuine Swarovski Crystal Beads they are simply stunning!

    The ‘double-ended’ blade creates a unique presentation compared to ’round’ bladed spinners and the crystals make these gems sparkle!

  • Wise Guys are different. The ‘double-ended’ blade creates a unique presentation compared to ’round’ bladed spinners and they have less water resistance as well. When fish keep seeing the same old, same old, Wise Guys can be just the difference you need.


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