Wise Guy Blades


Wise Guy Spinner Blades are different. The ‘double-ended’ design creates a unique presentation compared to ’round’ bladed spinners and they have less water resistance as well.

2 blades per package

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The slim profile Wise Guy blade is unlike others. It holds closer to the body of the spinner making it visible from more angles than a conventional ’round’ blade. The cup contour is balanced so that it starts spinning easily but won’t stall out in faster currents or trolling speeds. Whether making a perfect spinner for use with a 360° flasher or building a great ‘stand alone’ spinner, Wise Guy blades will be great additions to your arsenal. When fish keep seeing the same old, same old, Wise Guys can be just the difference you need.


Sizes                               3.5
Blade length                1 5/8″
Blade width                  3/4″
Thickness                     .020



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