Genuine Swarovski Crystal Beads


Swarovski Crystal Beads sparkle and pop like no other bead can. They scatter light with a dazzling brilliance no ordinary glass bead can match.

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These are no ordinary beads. Swarovski Crystal Beads are far superior to regular glass beads because they are engineered from fine quartz and other materials. The very uniform structure provides them with amazing clarity.  Patented cutting machines then produce a technology-driven cut that creates an amazing refraction index.

Due to their unique light-scattering capabilities these will attract attention from far greater distances than any plain old wedding ring style rondels.

#6 come 12 per pack
#8 come 6 per pack

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#6, 12/pk, #8, 6/pk


Yellow Diamond, Salmon Blaze, Red Wonder, Emerald Isle, Green Shimmer, Cherry Tone, Dying Ember, Ice Blue


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