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Cousin Carl Lake Trolls


Uniquely contoured blades spin in opposite directions, virtually eliminating line twist while creating an enticing counter-rotational flash. Great for trout or Kokanee at any depth. The most popular Half-Fast lake troll design ever!

Here it is, folks. The famous, original, genuine Half-Fast® Cousin Carl Lake Troll! Just when you thought it was gone forever, we at Poulsen Cascade Tackle pulled the old dies out of mothballs, reconditioned them, and started putting them back into service. Sometimes (mistakenly) referred to as a ‘Beer-Can’ troll, the Cousin Carl has been a favorite of serious Trout and Kokanee anglers for practically ever. It’s no wonder. Cousin Carl flashers have a unique blade design that produces a counter-rotational super flash at even very slow trolling speeds. As the blades roll over in opposite directions they line up at various intervals creating an optimized double flash effect that can catch a fish’s attention from a greater distance. If you want to catch Trout or Kokanee dependably at lakes everywhere, you want Half-Fast Cousin Carl Lake Troll Flashers.



Size                             2CXS              2CS                 2CM                2CL                 2CXL

Overall Length            17″                  17″                  17″                  17″                  17″

Blade Length              1 78″               2 1/8″              2 1/2″              2 3/4″              3 1/8″

Blade Width                1″                    1 1/4″              1 1/2″              1 3/4″              2 1/16″


Size                             4ULF

Overall Length            27″

Blade Length           1 9/16″

Blade Width              7/8″


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