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Techni- Strand Kokanee Bumpers


Techni-Strand Kokanee Bumpers are a great way to optimize ‘top-line’ / ‘flat-line ‘ trolling for kokanee, trout, and landlocked salmon. Made of coated micro-fine stainless steel with Duo-Lock snaps and a mini Ball Chain swivel.

Techni-Strand Kokanee Bumpers are designed to enhance your lake trolling experience. Gear changes and tackle breakdown are made simple by use of a Duo-Lock snap at each end. The mini Ball Chain swivel helps reduce line twist. Micro fine, vinyl coated stainless steel construction resists kinking and snarling. Shielded crimps prevent line fouling. This system is even better when used in conjunction with a Free-Slide Snap-End sliding spreader.

For more details on how to use the Techni-Strand / Free-Slide trolling system click here.


Wire Line:        90Lb Nylon coated stainless steel
Snaps                Duo-Lok #2

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