Techni-Strand Bumper Leaders


Techni-Strand Flasher Leaders are the ideal ‘bumper’ for trolling with a flasher. Made with American made coated stainless steel and stainless steel snaps.


Techni-Strand Bumper leaders are the result of guide-tested designing for bumper leaders. They combine the flexibility of super-fine stainless steel strands with the strength of modern cable technology. We shielded the crimps so that your line won’t catch on the looped ends and incorporated a T-bead to further protect the connections from fouling. They are very kink-resistant and have far less drag than heavy-duty monofilament bumper leaders. If you use a 360° flasher like the Pro-Troll or Shortbus this is the flasher-bumper for you.


Wire Line:                               90Lb Nylon coated stainless steel
Snap, Mainline End                Duo-Lok #4
Snap, Flasher End                   Duo-Lok #6


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