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    Super Spreaders are a larger size (3.5″ x 5.5″) version of a Snag-Less Spreader. They help shed weeds with a T-Bead and round bead combination and incorporate a larger swivel on one end with a bead-chain on the other.

    2 Super Spreaders are include in each pack.

  • Half-Fast® brand standard dividers are handcrafted in America using torsion-straightened stainless steel wire and nickel-plated American made swivels.

    3 Standard Spreaders are include in each pack.

  • Sale!

    Snag-Less Spreaders are the same size as standard spreaders, but with weed-shedding beads and a bead-chain swivel.

    2 Snag-Less Spreaders are include in each pack.

  • Mini Swing Spreaders have an arm that easily rotates on the main shaft. They are a good choice bank anglers and surf casters who want to suspend leaders above their sinker.

    2 Mini Swing Spreaders are include in each pack.

  • Free-Slides are sliding spreaders that reduces line twist, helps prevent loss at the net, and eliminates ‘swing-hammering’. Get all of the benefits of a slider and a spreader in one unit.


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