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Snag-Less Spreaders


Snag-Less Spreaders are the same size as standard spreaders, but with weed-shedding beads and a bead-chain swivel.

2 Snag-Less Spreaders are include in each pack.

Half-Fast Snag-Less spreaders take the basic function of standard spreaders and improve them by replacing the leader arm swivel with a 6 bead chain swivel. Then we added both a T-Bead and a 10mm ball bead to help shed weeds while creating a ‘Scent-Check’ system for the option of dispensing, well, scent. Not only do they help shed weeds and grass, they snag up less.


Wire diameter:            .037
Leader arm length:     2 1/2″
Dropper arm length:   1 1/2″
Main Line Swivel:      #3 Rosco
Leader end Swivel:     6 Bead Chain
Beads:                         1 T-Bead, 1 10mm round bead

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