Baby Back Spinners


Baby Backs are a little spinner with a big punch. The compound lip cup of the blade combined with high-contrast colors and UV finishes make this a great choice for trolling alone or behind a 360° flasher.

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Baby Backs may look like just another round bladed spinner but they’re not. We incorporated the special qualities of our Backmore blade and blended them with the curved lip-cup of the famous Lucky R blade to design a spinner that starts quick and finishes strong every time. The colors are all guide-inspired to target salmon when fished behind a 360° flasher. The flexible EZ Tube hook dressing and extended wire shaft provide excellent tuning capabilities so you can balance you Baby Back for a perfect spin. Use this little spinner with a big heart any time you want a competitive edge over the ‘other’ round bladed spinners.


Overall length             3 3/4″
Blade length                1 1/4″
Blade width                 7/8″
Beads                          6mm
Hook Tubing               EZ
Hook                           1 VMC

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Tropicana Sparkler, Red Sapphire, Hammered Copper Inside, Mexican Hat, Twilight Zone, Pearl/Flame Slant, Valentine Slant, Blue Ray, Fireball Hammered Copper Inside, Pay Dirt, Blue Ray, Hammered Copper Inside, Sweet Mama, Chartreuse/Green Spot, Santa Clause, Hammered Silver, Hammered Copper, Magic Lantern, Hammered Silver Inside, Hammered Copper Inside, Frosted Pink Rainbow, Valentine Slant, Hammered Copper Inside, Pink Punch, Blueberry Tart, Red Sapphire, Chartreuse Flame Spot, Tropicana Sparkler, Hammered Copper Inside, Mexican Hat, Hammered Copper Inside, Coral Sunset, Hammered Copper Inside, Santa Clause, Hammered Copper Inside, Twilight Zone, Hammered Copper Inside, Coral Sunset


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