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Steelures are heavy-bodied steel casting spoons. The classic pear shape and dished contour create an enticing wobble and flitter when retrieved. Can also be used as a jigging spoon.

Half-Fast Steelures are a favorite casting spoon of stream and river anglers all over. They are proven winners for steelhead when cast into moving water and allowed to wobble as they are drifted on a tight line near the bottom of the stream. They are equally effective for salmon under similar circumstances. These casting spoons are stamped out of steel and plated to nickel, brass, or copper. They are then either clear-coated as is or painted in familiar steelhead patterns. We use only top quality hooks and tough stainless steel split rings. Half-Fast Steelures are not an import—they are handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Available in ¼ or ½ ounce sizes in all of the colors shown. Packed in master-cards of 12, blister-packed singles, or 4 piece kits complete with split-rings and hooks for those who want to assemble their own.


Size                                                     1/4 oz                          1/2 oz
Overall length                                  2 1/2″                          2 7/8″
Blank length                                     1 3/8″                          1 3/4″
Blank width                                        7/8″                              1″


1/4 oz


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1/2 oz


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