Lucky R Blades


Lucky “R” Spinner Blades are moderately concave with a suddenly graduated, deeply curved lip at the bottom. Lucky “R” blades are evenly balanced left to right.

2 blades per package

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Lucky “R” spinner blades are the first choice of many guides and serious anglers. The uniquely cupped-lip causes the Lucky “R” to start spinning the instant it encounters water movement. It is such a productive contour that other manufacturers have attempted to simulate it by putting a ‘deep cup’ in their Colorado style blades. Sorry folks. All you wind up with is just another Colorado blade with a funny looking lip. Our Lucky R blades are the real thing, stamped with the original dies.


Size                                2                       3                        4                      5                        6
Blade Length              1 3/8″              1 1/2″              1 3/8″              1 3/4″              1 7/8″
Blade Width                 1″                    1 1/16″            1 1/8″              1 3/16″             1 1/4″
Thickness                    .020                .020                .020                 .020                 .020


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