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A Classic Spinner with deep roots in Klamath River Salmon fisheries. The CV is acclaimed by serious anglers from Northern California to Southern Oregon as a ‘Go-To spinner for salmon. With its Hammered Gold Plated back and Guide Inspired colors the CV King stands out in a crowd of ‘ordinary’ CV spinners.

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CV spinners, especially the size #7 have been catching salmon for guides and serious anglers for decades. CV King spinners take it to the next level with genuine gold plating, premium acrylic beads, EZ Tube hook tubing, and solid brass bearing beads to insure a quick start and sure spin every time. The hammered back on CV Kings disperse reflected light to create more attraction than smooth back blades. The gold plating guarantees that the flash will not dull over time regardless of how many fish bite on it. Combine all of that with bead, blade, and tubing colors coordinated for high visibility contrast and what you wind up with is a superior CV Spinner.


  • Overall Length  3 7/16″
  • Blade length  1 7/8″
  • Blade width  1 1/8″
  • Body Beads  6mm
  • Hook tubing  EZ 
  • Hook  #1/0

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