Corn Wobblers


The Corn Wobbler is a highly effective lightweight wobbler that can be fished from an anchored boat, trolled, or plunked from the bank. Their unique ‘variable action’ can trigger strikes where other lures fail.

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Corn Wobblers, a Half-Fast original, were a favorite among Salmon anglers on the Columbia River for years. While they are referred to as a wobbler, they are really a hybrid between a trolling spoon and a wobbler. The action can be anything from a quiver to a flittering dance depending on water velocity. Guides used to call them “Red Eyes” in their secret language so as not to let others know exactly what they were using that was catching all the fish. Poulsen Cascade Tackle has located the old dies and brought them back on line. The old-timers will be glad that they are once again available. The newer generation of anglers should soon be hearing “They’re biting on Red-Eyes”.


Overall Length            5 7/8″
Blank Length               3 1/4″
Blank Width                1 5/16″
Hook                             4/0 VMC Siwash



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