BV Cub Blades


Imagine a spinner for trolling with 360 flashers that has as much flash as a 3.5 Colorado, but with less drag. That describes the new Half-Fast BV Cub 1.0 Spinner blade.

2 blades per package

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BV Cub Spinner Blades are contoured something like the bowl of an actual desert spoon. Their rotation is dependable at nearly any trolling speed. BV Cub blades are more pear-shaped than Colorados so they have less drag. This makes them a great choice for use in trolling behind a 360º Flasher. Size 1 is nearly identical in length to a 3.5 Colorado. Size 1/0 is a little smaller.


Sizes                                1                      1/0
Blade Length              1 1/8″                  1 ”
Blade Width                3/4″                11/16″
Thickness                    .020                 .020


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