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Spinner & Bait Rigs

This category would be assigned to Arrow Spin BV Micro Rigs, Klamath Rigs, Shrimp Guy and Twirlee-Gig Rigs (but not the bodies)

  • BV Micro-Spin spinner blades utilize the dependable Bear Valley style. All BV Micro-Blades are either solid copper or solid brass. Even the gold and silver blades start off as solid brass.

    2 blades per package

  • Salmon Spinner Bait Rig; Klamath Rig spinner and leader bait system.

    If you liked the old Rogue River Bait Rig you’re going to love Salmon Spinner Bait Rig; Klamath Rig. Originally developed for salmon fisheries in Northern California and Southern Oregon, Klamath Rigs combine the attraction of a gold-plated CV 6 blade with the enticement of your bait.

  • Sale!

    Salmon Spinner Bait Rig; Shrimp Guy 3.5 An all-in-one bait spinner for 360° Trolling.

  • Sockeye Rig, Steelhead Rig, Walleye Rig, or Kokanee Rig? Twirlee-Gigs Do It All!

    Whether drifting for Steelhead, Bottom-Bouncing for Walleye, or Trolling for Sockeye Salmon or Kokanee, Twirlee-Gigs Offer Special Enticements for Fish to Strike.

    Twirlee-Gigs are truly different. Sometimes that’s exactly what you need to trigger a strike from fish that have seen it all. The lightweight, winged body spins easily on the leader, producing both visual and sonic attraction. Because of its shape, there is very little drag which makes Twirlee-Gigs quite responsive to ‘dodger kick’. As a Steelhead Rig Twirlee-Gigs offer all the attractions of Bead Fishing with the added enticement of Spin and Chatter. If Walleye is your target Twirlee-Gigs make a great crawler or leach harness that adds action even at the slowest trolling speeds.

    See Twirlee-Gig Bodies Here


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