We make tackle like they used to.


Special Deals

BV Cub Spinners

3.5 Class Spinner with a Difference! Great choice for trolling with a 360° Flasher.

$9.05 >> $7.47

Wire Spreaders/Dividers

Includes all Standard, Snag-Less, and Super Spreader models.

Corn Wobblers

Classic Springer Wobbler favored by serious Willamette anglers.

$10.86 >> $8.88

Krazy Karl #4

Perfect Spinner for Slow Trolling for Salmon. Maximum Flash with a Distinctive ‘Thump’.

$10.88 >> $8.88

Contains 4 Spoons, 4 VMV Hooks, and 4 SS Split-Rings

11.72 >> 9.47

EZ Hook Tubing

End the Struggle with Working the Tubing Over the Hook! Simplify with EZ.

$7.00 >> $5.88

After Season / Out of Trend Bargains!

Super Hot Deals While Quantities Last