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Wise Guy Spinners


Wise Guys are different. The ‘double-ended’ blade creates a unique presentation compared to ’round’ bladed spinners and they have less water resistance as well. When fish keep seeing the same old, same old, Wise Guys can be just the difference you need.

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The Wise Guy is a small spinner with a lot of ‘pop’! The slim profile Wisdom style blade holds a little closer to the main body than traditional spinners creating better visibility to fish. The blade colors can be seen from a side view as well as a direct line-of-sight, thus increasing the effective ‘strike zone’. And while the spinner may be small, the hook is large enough to handle salmon, steelhead, and other feisty game fish. Combine the super low drag with the superior tunability of the Wise Guy and you have the perfect spinner for use with 360° flashers.


Overall length             3 3/4″
Blade length                1 5/8″
Blade width                 3/4″
Beads                          6mm
Hook Tubing               EZ
Hook                           1 VMC



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