Tidewater Twin Spinners


Originally designed for Sacramento River salmon, Tidewater Twin spinners use two different blades separated by beads to create a long profile reminiscent of live baitfish.

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The Tidewater Twin was inspired by a double-bladed spinner popularized by Sacramento River salmon anglers. Two blades of slightly different profiles create a unique flash and action. We took the design of the original double-bladed spinner, listened to serious anglers about it, and modified it accordingly. We improved blade spin with brass bearing beads, created fish-attracting color patterns, used machined acrylic beads wherever possible instead of molded styrene, and included  hook tubing. We polish the blades to a high luster and treat the entire blade with a UV clear-coat.  What do you get when you improve a proven lure design per angler inputs?  You get the new Tidewater Twin by Half-Fast! Definitely a Top Quality, Hand-Crafted Twin-Blade Spinner!


Overall length                         5 3/4″
Upper blade length                1 3/4″
Upper blade width                 7/8″
Lower blade length                2 7/8″
Lower blade width                 1″
Beads                                        8mm
Hook Tubing                           EZ
Hook                                         2/0 VMC



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