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“R” Factor Spinners


“R”-Factor Spinners are made with genuine Lucky “R” blades. The unique cup and contour insures that they start crisp and never hesitate. The finishes, beads, and Hoochies are all premium grade making “R”-Factor a custom-quality lure.

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The “R”-FACTOR combines two proven fish-attracting actions with UV colors and the superior flash of sterling silver or gold plating. The ‘hoochie’ skirt is top quality, finely divided, and custom dyed in triple-tone UV colors. The beads are machined, not molded from cheap styrene plastic. The spinner blades have highly polished hammered backs for maximum light reflection, then either gold or silver plated prior to painting. Both sides of the blade are then coated in a UV finish. Add to this a solid brass bearing bead to improve blade rotation and a great hook and you’ve got a hand-crafted, custom quality spinner that will give any angler a special edge.


Overall length             4 1/4″
Blade length                1 3/4″
Blade width                 1 3/16″
Body Beads                 8mm
Hook Tubing              EZ
Hoochie                       Custom Dyed Yamashita


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