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Krazy Carl Spinners


Krazy Carl is a totally different approach to spinners. The blade incorporates a single curve rather than being cupped. It sports a nearly straight edge on one side and is contoured on the other. Krazy Carl will spin at ridiculously slow speeds.

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Introducing “Krazy Carl”, a truly unique new design in salmon and steelhead spinners. Krazy Carl will spin with minimum water velocity while creating maximum flash with a distinctive ‘thump’. The asymmetrical blade shape and rollover curve is borrowed from the extremely popular Half-Fast Cousin Carl family of lake trolls. Krazy Carl’s body is made up of highly visible T-Beads terminating in a round or ‘ball’ bead to create our “Scent-Check” scent dispersion system. Even though it will spin with relative ease in slower water conditions than most spinners, Krazy Carl will maintain its spin and flash at faster speeds as well.

Easy-Spin blade, eye-popping flash, alluring thump, and scent-trail capability makes Krazy Carl just possibly the best salmon spinner you’ll ever use!



Sizes                               3                      4

Overall length             4 1/8″              4 1/8″

Blade length                2 1/8″              2 7/16″

Blade width                 1 1/8″              1 3/8″

Body Beads                 T-Beads with 1 10mm Round

Hook                           1/0 VMC         2/0 VMC

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