Cascade Pro-HC Spinners


Cascade Pro HC Spinners take the traditional version to a whole new level. They are UV finished front and back.

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Cascade Pro HC Spinners are great salmon catchers. Everyone knows that. But trends change and then change back again. Right now 360° flashers with 3.5 class spinners are the big thing. That’s why we make small spinners for salmon. But, salmon are still salmon and they will still bite on a Cascade Size 7 spinner!

Here’s the GOOD NEWS: The trend is your friend! While smaller spinners are the ‘in thing’ you can get a Lip-Rippin’ GREAT DEAL on Cascade Pro HC Spinners in size 7!

Cascade Pro- HC Spinners are custom quality spinners in custom quality color combinations. Both the back and the painted fronts are UV enhanced. The beads are premium machined acrylic. Even the hook tubing is special and more flexible than most so your spinner can be more easily kept in tune. Cascade Pro-HC is definitely a step up from ordinary Cascade spinners.


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