BV Cub Spinners


The newest 3.5 spinner is actually a 1.0 ! The BV Cub uses a size 1 Bear Valley blade so that it works with less drag behind a 360º flasher and presents a different profile to fish that keep seeing the same ol’, same ol’.

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BV Cub Spinners sport a Bear Valley blade that is the same length as a 3.5 Colorado, but with more of a teardrop shape.

The blade rotates at a slightly lower angle than a round blade which means it creates less drag. It also offers a different angle of view to the fish giving it a bit more visibility from the side.

BV Cub Spinners are hand-crafted using machined acrylic beads, EZ hook tubing, VMV hooks, and have a UV finish.


Overall length             3 3/4″
Blade length                1 1/8″
Blade width                 3/4″
Body Beads                 6mm
Hook Tubing              EZ
HooK                       1 VMC




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