Backmore Blades


Backmore Spinner Blades are cupped increasingly from top to bottom with an increase in the curve at the lip. The contour is evenly balanced left to right.

2 blades per package

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Backmore Spinner Blades are moderately dished and slightly cupped at the bottom end.  Genuine Backmore Spinner Blades are proven for salmon and steelhead and have been for decades. They also make a perfect blade for your spinner-bait. The shape is similar to Bear Valley blades.

Size                                 3                      4                      5                      6
Blade Length              1 1/4″              1 1/2″           1 3/4″             2 1/16″
Blade Width                 1″                   1 3/16″         1 1/4″               1 1/5″
Thickness                    .020                .020             .020                 .020


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