The Arrow Flash has all the qualities serious anglers demand from a Dodger:

Maximum flash • UV Finish • Optimum ‘kick’ • Low drag American components
Available in Great Kokanee Colors!

The best dodgers are designed by and for the best anglers. That’s why all Arrow Flash Dodgers are Hand-Crafted in the USA. We start with solid brass or copper and punch out the blanks right in our own shop. All of the polishing, painting, assembly and packaging is performed in-house by folks who care about quality. Our special finishes are provided by some of the top plating firms in America. Even our clear-coats are top of the line, automotive grade, and UV enhanced.

Arrow Flash Dodgers are proven performers and a favorite of many guides and tournament anglers. They consistently catch fish by combining maximum ‘kick’ with great colors and UV enhancement. If you want to up your kokanee game, or even improve your trout trolling experience, you need to tie on an Arrow Flash.

Mark Keepes: “…the Arrow Flash Dodger is money. I’m a hardcore Kokanee angler and it imparts action on your lure like no other dodger on the market. All the color combinations are effective, but the silver moon glow is simply deadly. Tight lines all!”

Mike Huwalt: “This dodger works like magic on kokanee and trout. Your not fishing if your not trolling an Arrow Flash dodger … period.” “Arrow Flash dodgers or nothing!”

Roy Tiller:  “Arrow Flash Dodgers are my favorite dodgers to use when fishing for Kokanee. The side to side action drives the Kokan-ee crazy and works where ever I fish. From Odell Lake to Wickiup Reservoir to Paulina lake. If you like to catch fish, they are worth every penny.”

Shane Vanderlinda: “I guess the best example I could give about using Arrow Flash is: During last season on a local lake that was producing larger than normal Kokanee that were proving tough to catch. A couple of my fishing buddies said they were going to put a bounty out on my boat. Arrow Flash was the difference between a 10 fish limit and a 3 bite day. My number 1 go to dodger.”

Jeremy Jahn, AKA ‘The Kokanee Kid’: “As a Kokanee Guide my goal on the lake is to catch limits.. The Arrow Flash Dodger is by far the best dodger on the market. It puts tons of action on your gear and lots of flash in the water.”