Slinkie Makers

One of the best ways to improve your drift-fishing efforts is to reduce the ‘snagging factor’. Slinkie style drift sinkers do just that by flexing and snaking their way across and between the rocks of the river bottom, letting you feel more bites and fewer snags. One of the best ways to get your slinkie style sinkers is to make your own with a Riversnake Slinkie Maker. Making your own slinkies not only saves money, it is a great fishing activity for when you’re not actually fishing.

Riversnake Slinkie Accessories are available in standard sizes for .170 to .195 diameter shot and magnum sizes for .230 to .250 shot. The original Slinkie Makers come complete with enough stuff to get you started including a packet of shot, a length of Slinkie cord, some swivels, a filler tube, and a ram-rod to push the shot out of the filler tube and into the cord.

Also available are Combination Tools that have a ram-rod and filler tubes for making both standard and magnum Slinkies, Super Combination Tools that include yet a third filler tube for shot up to .330 diameter, refill kits with about 12’ of cord and over a pound of shot, and Slinkie Cord all by itself.